Creative & Social Media

Demonstrating proficiency with tools, platforms, and environments in the creation of media resources for learning and knowledge construction:

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Lesson in 30 Seconds
(Powtoon + Vimeo)

Create a video, that is 30 seconds or less in length, Illustrating a concept using no spoken word.

Scavenger Hunt Screencast 
(Techsmith Camtasia)

Create a 2 - 3 minute screencast navigating the world wide web taking the audience to the items on the list below. Include audio in your screen cast such as narration, music and/or sound effects. Your screencast will take your audience to:

  • An oddity

  • A passion

  • An inspiration

  • A surprise

Imitation is The Sincerest Form of Flattery (Tablet + Techsmith Camtasia) 

Find a video that you find compelling, entertaining, fascinating, etc and recreate it. Use this as an opportunity to study various aspects of the media such as lighting, script, production techniques and/or overall message and apply those to your video.

Design Explorations:
Visuals for Speech
(Adobe Spark + Vimeo)
Engaging Underrepresented Learning Audiences
(Canva + Adobe Spark)

More Instructional Videos

Design for the Future

Learning with Digital Stories:

A design challenge to create a piece of design fiction. This ad was designed in Canva.

Comic Strip

Comic strip created for INTE 5711 Creative Design


Infographics created using for various classes such as eLearning Trends & Issues (INTE 6750) and Creative Design for Instructional Materials (INTE 5711).

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