• Aimée Minard

ArcGIS eLearning

Updated: Apr 16

I love maps! I love mapping. I love crowdsourcing maps. Here I'll introduce you to a tool called ArcGIS by Esri. The educational tool ArcGIS by esri is intuitive and relevant to the topic of eLearning and using technology in the classroom. The focus of my first map is on Brazil, because Brazil has been one of the hardest-hit when it comes to deforestation. In my mind, Deforestation Monitor would expand to mapping many other parts of the world that suffer from deforestation.

There are several reasons why it’d be valuable information to know where trees are being illegally cleared. For example, a scenario in which Deforestation Monitor could be useful is when companies that run illegal logging, ranching, or mining operations have encroached on indigenous lands. The greatest success in this project for me was feeling the accomplishment of teaching myself software that could potentially change lives. Mapping is becoming integral to the society we live in because globalization has made it faster than ever to access information. I feel satisfied having learned a new program and created an interactive platform for users to monitor deforestation.

Another success was that I gained a feeling of empowerment in knowing that I could have a meaningful impact on things around the world. Technology allows people like those tribes in the Amazon to interact with powerful policy makers. Regular citizens like me can help in small ways by creating technological platforms such as Deforestation Monitor to communicate with governments and to encourage communities to fight illegal loggers, miners, and ranchers.

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