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Mining Our Social Networks

Updated: Apr 30

For a class activity, I have mined my social networking sites to find "hot topics" related to our professional interests. I am not currently an active member of any social media sites, but I did explore Flipboard which is a news platform that allows you to compile your own virtual magazines. I have a LinkedIn that I also dug through, in addition to a dormant Twitter account I have. Here are the articles I explored:

1.) I have been enjoying my exploration of Flipboard.com, and came across a topic I'm close to which is planetarium learning technologies. Specifically, this article is about the Hayden Planetarium in New York. I have experience working with live-rendering planetarium software called Digital Sky. With live-rendering software, you can teach about any topic at any time you'd like. It has greatly expanded the planetarium science center world by moving away from the standard star ball projector which is very limited in its capabilities for a wide range of astronomical topics. With live-rendering software I was able to travel anywhere in the universe in real time, allowing me the freedom to teach anything from astrophysics and cosmology to planetary sciences, geology, and even biology. The possibilities with this technology are endless. No more pre-canned movies at planetariums, or stale constellation walks with the star ball projector. Now science educators have the whole universe at their fingertips for any lesson they can dream of.

2.) I also explored LinkedIn for hot topics. Yesterday was International Women's Day so SpaceX rounded up their women employees for a group photo. I'm excited about both SpaceX and women's empowerment so this post about women employees at SpaceX intrigued me. The only thing is, there isn't much diversity in this big group! Bummer!

3.) One more for fun: 3-D printed planets by LittlePlanetFactory on Twitter:

Stay curious, friends!

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