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Updated: Apr 30

I've been tinkering around with different code repositories trying to remember how to use them. Now I'm exploring a tool called GitHub to compare and contrast the ease of navigation. I checked out GitHub because I'm sort of familiar with another repository called Bitbucket. You can use GitHub for a number of different project types, in many different professions. GitHub is a code hosting website that allows users to collaborate with people all over the world. "This tutorial teaches you GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and Pull Requests." This website is very helpful, intuitive, and explains exactly how beginners can get started without even coding first.

You can sign up for free with either site, which is great for everyone.

GitHub even provides training tutorials and guides on their YouTube. I really like all the training that it included on GitHub's website. I need to get started watching these tutorials.

Below are a few screen shots of Bitbucket, which I found to be great for organizing all of your projects.


"Recent activity" side bar that allows you to quickly see what was successfully pushed.

Overall, I'd say the GitHub code hosting repository would be super helpful for students and professionals alike because it allows you to select your expertise level when you make your account. I think I will continue using my account. I'll add more to this blog post when I have a better understanding of GitHub.

Stay curious, friends!

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