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IR Camera

Updated: Apr 30

Several months ago I instructed a few labs at a CU South Denver for family day at a booth. I talked about the electromagnetic spectrum and thermodynamics using an InfraRed camera. The ages were mostly 3-10 years old so I couldn't go too much in depth, which can be tricky for hard scientists (I don't really consider myself to be). I found that if you can't explain something simply and in layman's terms, then you probably don't really understand the concept fully. We took pictures of our hands and feet, the walls and lights, and whatever else in order to see which areas were hottest. Then we discussed how humans can only see certain colors of light. Infrared light, which means farther than red basically, is something our eyes can't see yet is all around us. Later if they stuck around long enough, I'd delve into wavelengths and other relations of IR to astronomy. The camera used is kind of pricey, but can be used for so many lessons it might be worth the investment. The type of camera used is a FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera, priced at $349.99. Take a peek at some of the neat photos!:

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