• Aimée Minard

The Portable Planetarium

Updated: Apr 30

One of my teaching experiences has to do with a portable planetarium called "Star Lab". At Fiske Planetarium and Science Center I was able to experiment with live-rendering planetarium technologies, and bring programs to schools all over Colorado.

A large aspect of making science more accessible for people of all socioeconomic statuses is lowering the cost of science education. With Star Lab, I was able to bring our classes to students of Title 1 low-income school status so they didn't have to pay for the costly bus rental fees.

The technology inside the dome is Digital Sky 2, and we used an Alienware laptop and a Panasonic projector with a fisheye lens to create the experience. The dome itself is held up by a constant stream of air provided by a large fan. Students are able to crawl through the tunnel and find themselves transported to another galaxy!

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