• Aimée Minard

Digital vs. Analog

Updated: Apr 30

This blog post is about learning through failure. I tried to build an old-fashioned museum lobby display and it really didn't go so well. It took too much time, and it was not going to have the same depth of engagement as a museum exhibit utilizing technology.

The initial goal of this planetarium exhibit was to build something similar to the Antikythera Mechanism, an analog computer of ancient Greece. I will post pictures of how far I got, which was basically just the gears. The ancient Greeks had more time on their hands, but I think they'd agree that our technology today is vastly superior and should be used for educational purposes in planetariums and museums.

At the same time, I think museums are starting to overuse iPads. Don't get me wrong, there's so much you can get from an exhibit with interactive iPad games or demonstrations. But there needs to be expansion into other realms of eLearning in museums. I want to see some kind of integration of kinesthetic learning and technology. I will continue to investigate if there's anything like that in existence and get back to you.

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