Adopting a critical stance toward my work, promoting effective practice and responsible use of technology:

Engaging Underrepresented Learning Audiences
(Canva + Adobe Spark)

The final project describes a problem in practice and my efforts to facilitate change in an organization or work setting.

Working in a team, I developed a project reporting on a key theory or elearning model, and how the ideas are relevant to practice today. 

  • Website (containing content, images, video, timeline, and relevant links)

Equity Statement

There is a dire need to reduce the cost of education in the United States to make it more accessible for everyone. Income inequality and poor socioeconomic status of a child's family shouldn't burden a student. Everyone should have the opportunity to get a free or low-cost, high-quality education. Outreach programs for Title 1 schools are an option helping to bring exciting and meaningful educational experiences to low-income schools from educational institutions within the community. With this project, I hope to shed light on one example solution which utilizes electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom.

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