This site is intended to showcase my teaching, instructional-design, eLearning, leadership and other professional work.


Professionally, I aim to further develop my skills as a science communicator and encourage curiosity, inclusivity, and diversity in STEM fields. I am excited to be working in informal education and eLearning. My goal is to ultimately work for a library, science museum, or other educational institution to promote science literacy through the use of interactive technologies. I believe that interactive and quick mobile technologies for informal education is the future of education, and that a quality education should be free and widely available to everyone. Additionally, I believe that hands-on, interactive technologies that encourage curiosity are the best way to inspire young learners.

I have a strong background in community outreach and science education. I worked for Fiske Planetarium for 6 years developing full-dome educational content using SkySkan’s Digital Sky 2 live-rendering planetarium software. I helped to deliver scientific information to CU classes as well as to the general public. I was also a key coordinator for Starlab outreach events to the community where I’d travel with a portable planetarium giving talks at schools and community centers. Now that I’m at CU Denver studying Information and Learning Technologies I also have experience creating flat-screen educational simulations and interactive educational content. I have a high degree of professional experience working remotely on a team to develop course content and websites, and over 10 years experience in customer service. 

With my Master of Arts in Information and Learning Technologies I am qualified to work for corporate and higher-ed environments and in other educational workplace settings. I’m able to develop training resources via traditional e-learning outlets: self-paced modules, fixed-paced courses with LMS support; webinars and live events; and multimedia learning resources.  Some of the position titles I am interested in include: eLearning Instructional Designer, eLearning Designer,  eLearning Developer, eLearning Content Developer, eLearning Producer, eLearning Specialist, Digital Learning Specialist, Manager of eLearning, Instructional Designer.

I'm able to offer unique contributions and insight because of my background. I was a non-traditional, low-income, and first generation student. I grew up in an extremely low-income household and faced many challenges growing up. My only support, my father, was extremely influential and died in the US Army. I have a strong work ethic because I’ve always needed it in order to survive on my own since age 17. I've also lived through two forest fires and one flood.


I've had many thrilling and valuable adventures including flying a plane, a close encounter with a cougar, and another with a bear. In my spare time I love biking, climbing 800 ft rock walls, gardening, hiking, and spending lots of time with my pets! Interestingly, I've broken one of my arms in a bicycle accident and now it's metal inside. I'm always adventuring and staying curious. 

I'd love to hear from you: